New 2.4" IPS TFT LCD Displays

new 2.4 IPS TFT LCD display line

User-selectable Parallel or SPI Interface | Sunlight Readable Option | EMI Shielding | Resistive or Capacitive Touchscreen Options

We are excited to announce our new line of 2.4” IPS LCD displays added to our TFT product line. With IPS technology, these six new displays are capable of truer color reproduction, better optical characteristics, and better image consistency from any viewing angle. There are two different brightness options to choose from: a standard brightness model and a high brightness model with up to 1200 nits that’s sunlight readable. In addition to brightness options, there are two touchscreen options including resistive and capacitive touch. The capacitive touchscreen gives a more premium appearance when using this display in applications and will elevate user experience with multi-touch capability. Additional benefits of the capacitive touch model include a built-in I2C interface and durable cover glass.

These 2.4” IPS displays provide additional design improvements including built-in EMI shielding and a top bezel frame for added protection. They offer user-selectable parallel or serial interface modes for flexibility within multiple project requirements. This allows the displays to be compatible with multiple development platforms such as Arduino development boards. This new product line was engineered with compatibility in mind. The new design has the same mechanical footprint as the TN display, making them compatible with existing overlays, enclosures, and other assembly components of the TN display, allowing easy integration into your existing projects. Engineered to redefine excellence in a compact form, this new line of 2.4” displays will elevate any project.

Display Features

  • 2.4” IPS displays
  • 240x320 pixels
  • 3-wire SPI or 8-bit/16-bit parallel interface
  • Capacitive and resistive touchscreen options
  • Sunlight readable, high brightness option
  • Full viewing angles
  • Built-in display driver + touch controller
  • Built-in EMI Shielding
  • Compatible with 2.4” TN models

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