The Newhaven Display Warranty

Every Newhaven Display product undergoes multiple quality assurance inspections to ensure your product meets our highest quality standards. Among these inspections are:

  • 100% testing in our factories
  • Factory OQA sampling per Mil-Std-1916
  • Newhaven Display IQA sampling per Mil-Std-1916
  • 100% testing of any Value-Add assembly occurring in USA

Our Quality Statement

“Newhaven Display is committed to providing the highest quality display products and design services to our customers in a timely manner that meets their needs, promotes growth, and increases customer satisfaction. To do this, we implement and improve quality processes beyond industry standards to satisfy the needs of every customer.”

Practical Guidance to Our Customers

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Damage

Many Newhaven Display products include a Flexible Printed Circuit (“Flex”). These are actual electronic circuits molded into flexible flat-cable assemblies. Care needs to be taken with flexes to ensure optimum performance.

  • Never crease or induce an extreme fold into an FPC, this may damage internal circuitry.
  • Never allow pointed tools (even pen-points) to induce point damage to the FPC.
  • Keep the “golden finger” area clean, including fingerprints (oils may result in intermittent contact) and scratches (they may cause open-circuits within the golden finger area).
  • Make sure to lock the FPC into the intended mating connector fully and squarely. This allows all fingers to make contact with the mating connector.
  • Never forcefully remove an FPC from the mating connector without first unlocking the connector mechanism. This results in visible scratches to the golden fingers and may cause electrical damage.
  • Train your assembly operators to carefully insert the FPC into mating connectors. If the fingers “buckle” during the insertion process, this may cause electrical damage.
  • Train your assembly operators to carefully remove the FPC from mating connectors. Always unlock the mating connector and remove the FPC parallel to the connector pins. Any angular offset during FPC removal may cause small tears to the FPC that may cause damage.
  • Train your assembly staff to properly handle the FPC assembly. There are typically many “inside” corners to the FPC where small tears may result from improper handling.
  • Claims for “FPC-RELATED damage due to improper handling won’t be covered by the warranty.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Damage

Newhaven Display’s products are electronic devices, commonly including sensitive electronic IC’s and circuitry. Proper ESD handling is required to protect your devices from electrostatic discharge (common static “saps”).

  • ESD safety typically involves grounding users, test equipment, and tools (like soldering irons). When possible, make sure these are all grounded to the same ground point.
  • If soldering onto the PCB, make sure to use a grounded 3-prong soldering iron. Solder slowly with sufficient solder. This technique is also best to avoid solder splashes, shorts, and solder balls.
  • Never carry unprotected materials without proper ESD-SAFE bags, trays, and/or covers.
  • Make sure that all inspection, handling, and assembly personnel also demonstrate ESD-SAFE handling. This may require anti-static straps and anti-static mats for best work surface protection. Lab employees should wear ESD-SAFE protective clothing to dissipate any charges that may accumulate.
  • Throughout the manufacturing and inspection process, Newhaven Display ensures that your products are handled using ESD-SAFE techniques. We cannot be responsible for customer damage due to unsafe ESD conditions.
  • Claims for “ESD-damaged” devices due to improper handling are not covered by the warranty.

Damage Discovered During Shipping

If damage is thought to have occurred during shipping, then carefully open cartons and inspect for broken glass or damaged goods.

  • Customers should consider an INCOMING inspection if damage is suspected.
  • Any type of damage claim will require photos, your freight forwarder will require this.
  • If your shipment was insured, then FILE A CLAIM with your freight forwarder.
  • Our shipping team is highly trained to ensure your products are carefully handled & packaged.
  • If packaging is a concern for your product, then contact our Customer Service department to ask for insurance to be included on your shipment(s).
  • Claims for “BROKEN GLASS” are not covered by the warranty.
  • Claims related to mis-shipments incorrectly shipped material or (missing items) need to be reported within 60 days after receipt of such shipment.

Cosmetic Imperfections

Newhaven Display does their best in supplying the highest quality products, meeting our own internal quality standards. These standards cover a wide range of cosmetics.

  • Liquid Damage may result in “UNEVEN BACKLIGHTING.” Newhaven Display products are all manufactured using NO-CLEAN manufacturing processes, cleaning should never be required. Train your assembly staff to never apply liquids as damage may occur.
  • Display dots may be identified on displays produced for commercial and industrial products. Readily available “DOT Cards” may be used for approximating the size of suspect display dots. The cosmetic standards listed below shall apply for all defects found in the active display region (covered by the polarizer), with inspection done at 30cm, and must be visible at power ON.
    • Small displays ≤ 4.3” diagonal, the maximum allowable dot size of 0.4mm will apply, not exceeding QTY=2.
    • Larger displays > 4.3” diagonal, the max allowable dot size of 0.5mm will apply, not exceeding the QTY=3.
    • Line & scratch defects of width < 0.03mm will be ignored, these are within the cosmetic allowances.
    • Line & scratch defects of width < 0.05mm shall be limited to lengths < 5mm, maximum allowable is 2.
    • Both TFTs and RTP/CTP structures may contribute dots. Guidelines given above include the total dots allowable when combined.
  • The PCB is inspected multiple times for manufacturing defects, scratches, and exposed copper. Newhaven Display utilizes the same exacting PCB cosmetic standards as NASA.
  • Contact Customer Service if your product requires tighter cosmetic standards than those listed.
  • Any warranty claim should exceed the sizes or quantities listed to be considered.

Customer Use Case

Newhaven Display products may only be used under the circumstances for which they are specified.

  • The application of voltages or currents outside of specified values may result in permanent device damage. Only apply voltages and currents as stated in the specifications.
  • Pay particular attention to any timing requirements for auxiliary hardware and software. Proper timing is important and may corrupt internal device memory when not properly followed.
  • Displays constantly showing the same content may develop “burn-in” with a lasting image seen shadowing on the display. This may be avoided with screen-saver techniques involving either hardware or software. Rotating, blanking, scrolling or otherwise changing the device content periodically will prevent the degradation. Screen burn-in claims are not covered by the warranty.

Customer Modifications

Newhaven Display cannot be held liable for customer-made modifications.

  • Customer header soldering expressly voids the warranty. This includes customer removal of any headers that may have been soldered. Consider allowing Newhaven Display to pre-assemble with headers in order to preserve the warranty. Contact Customer Service for this request.
  • Removal of componentry voids the warranty.
  • The addition of componentry voids the warranty.
  • Soldering onto PCB pads is obvious by the presence of solder. Once customer-solder is applied, only a REPAIR claim will be considered. This may involve additional repair costs.
  • Claims with “CUSTOMER MODIFICATIONS” can only be considered as customer-paid REPAIR claims. The repair process may involve returning products to our factory with longer lead times.

Warranty Period

Newhaven Display warrants their product for 12 months from shipment date. Customers should retain copies of their PO’s or other shipment information to validate this period.

  • Always refer to the posted “Terms & Conditions.” These can be found at Terms and Conditions.
  • All returned product must include original labeling to validate the warranty.
  • Only goods purchased direct or through authorized distributors are eligible for warranty coverage.