Quality is What We Do

Our business is built on providing the highest quality display products, development tools, and design services in the industry.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and our production facilities are TS-16949 and ISO-14001. Our products are RoHS, REACH, & Conflict Free.


Fully Certified

A Workplace Designed for Continued Success

We work closely with our production facilities to ensure all products follow consistent quality and design guidelines. Being ISO 9001:2015 certified is a fundamental part of how we work. These certifications set the standard for all our daily processes.

We’re proud to uphold our ISO certification status and work with a mindset for growth and improvement. From manufacturing and assembly to customer service and design, we continue to provide the best quality to our customers, on time and without errors. Quality control is performed in-house on all display designs. Our production facilities are also TS-16949 and ISO-14001 certified to ensure consistent quality from start to finish.

ISO Certified

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RoHS, REACH & Conflict Free

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Our Quality Statement

“Newhaven Display is committed to providing the highest quality display products and design services to our customers in a timely manner that satisfies all requirements, promotes growth, and increases customer satisfaction. To do this, we implement and improve quality processes beyond industry standards to meet the needs of every customer.”

Expect Quality

Quality is important to us and we take our inspections seriously. All products arriving at our Illinois warehouse must pass an inbound quality inspection before they’re accepted, and an outbound inspection prior to release.

Quality standards
TFT Display in a quality control temperature chamber
Engineer measuring display

Inspection Process

  • Visual inspection
  • Functionality testing
  • Environmental & reliability testing
  • Part number & quantity verification
  • Datasheet validation
  • 100% inspection where required
  • MIL STD 1916, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 sampling

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Quality Standards Guide

We Meet or Exceed these Standards

We created this guide to provide a detailed explanation of requirements that Newhaven Display products and services must meet. Customers can expect every product they receive from us to meet or exceed these standards.

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Product Usage Guidelines

Get the Most Out of Your Display

From designing the end-customer product to special guidance for medical devices or water sensitivity, we want to make sure you experience our products at their full potential, so we created guidelines detailing proper usage and care procedures.

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Watch and Learn Resources

10 Tips for Proper Display Handling from our Quality Team

Our quality team developed these practical tips to keep your display applications working to their full potential.

These recommendations for proper handling and cleaning will help prevent accidental damages and answer common questions related to display maintenance.

How to Avoid Image Burn-In - LCD & OLED Displays

In this video we tell you everything you need to know about image burn-in on your LCD and OLED display screens.

We explain the difference between permanent image burn-in and temporary image retention, and provide some tips for maintaining your display screens to help avoid burn-in.

Quality Display Solutions Provider For More Than 20 Years

For over 20 years, Newhaven Display International has been providing custom display solutions to customers worldwide across different industries. Get in touch today and let us design, develop and manufacture a custom display solution for your application.

Quality and Repairs

If your product is not meeting your expectations, let us know and we will work with you to make it right. Visit our Returns page for RMA information.