New 3.5" IPS Displays with MIPI Interface

4-Lane MIPI DSI | 640x480px | EMI Shielding | Capacitive Option

Our new 3.5" IPS TFTs set the standard for high-data throughput and superior screen graphics in a compact design. Featuring 640x480 pixels and the choice of a capacitive touchscreen. The PCAP touchscreen includes a built-in I2C interface with FocalTech FT5426 controller, allowing various multi-touch gestures, precise touch recognition, and enhanced responsiveness for a more interactive application. The In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology elevates the screen image quality with truer color reproduction and more consistent color at any angle. Included high brightness backlights will also allow these TFTs to be readable in bright conditions or direct sun.

What sets these new 3.5” IPS displays apart is the 4-lane MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) DSI (Display Serial Interface) providing them with additional benefits. With 4 data lanes, it can transmit data at a significantly higher rate compared to versions with fewer lanes. The increased data throughput of the 4-lane MIPI DSI allow it to support displays with very high resolutions and higher refresh rates, resulting in smoother animations, deeper color depths, and improved user experiences, especially in gaming and multimedia applications. 4-lane MIPI DSI also reduces the need for data compression and improves multitasking capabilities in devices. MIPI interfaces are designed to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can be crucial in medical applications or wireless communication systems. MIPI is an industry-standard interface featuring reduced wiring complexity, commonly used in mobile/wireless devices, making it easier to integrate this new 3.5” TFT display with other components like cameras, sensors, and MIPI processors. MIPI standards have been widely adopted in the industry and are likely to remain relevant for a long time and having the extra bandwidth of 4 lanes can help ensure that devices remain compatible with upcoming display standards. For devices that prioritize high-end graphics and display quality, 4-lane MIPI DSI offers a clear advantage in terms of performance and versatility.


IPS Displays with MIPI Interface Features

  • 3.5” IPS display
  • High-resolution: 640x480 pixels
  • 4-Lane MIPI DSI interface
  • Capacitive touchscreen with I2C interface
  • Sunlight readable with high brightness backlight
  • Full viewing angles
  • 800:1 high contrast ratio
  • 24-Bit true color
  • Built-in display driver + touch controller
  • Built-in EMI Shielding

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