Custom OLED Display Manufacturer

We are a U.S. based OLED display manufacturer with over 20 years experience working with clients in all industries worldwide.

We hold ISO 9001:2015, TS-16949, ISO-14001 certifications to deliver the best quality displays. All products are RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Free.


Custom OLED Displays

We provide display solutions to customers worldwide across different industries, including agriculture, transportation, audio, video, education, military, fire, safety, food, beverage, gaming, POS, vending, kiosks, HVAC, Industrial Controls, health care, medical, oil, gas, energy, telecom, communications, test, measurement, and many more.

We tailor our vibrant, easily visible, long-lasting OLED displays to your desired application. With more than 20 years of experience planning, designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing customized digital displays worldwide, we have built a network of electronic display distributors and a supply chain capable to handle any OLED, LCD, and VFD display customization.

Committed to OLED Display Quality

At Newhaven Display, we reinforce the quality of our products by continuing to uphold workplace and production certifications. Newhaven Display is committed to producing RoHS and REACH compliant products and maintaining a conflict-free supply chain. We’re also incredibly proud to be ISO 9001:2015, TS-16949, and ISO-14001 certified.

As a global leader in custom OLED manufacturing, we work to provide the industry’s top-quality displays. We employ several guidelines in our factories and distribution facilities to ensure that such quality is achieved, including:

  • Following consistent quality and design guidelines for all products
  • Maintaining fully compliant assembly and production facilities
  • Providing constant in-house quality control and support
  • Keeping manufacturing and distribution facilities above industry standards
Our Quality Standards
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OLED display headquarters in USA

U.S. OLED Manufacturing Company

Headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, USA

Newhaven Display’s main facility is located in Elgin, Illinois. Custom OLED displays are all planned, designed, and developed at this location, allowing us to guarantee exceptional turnaround time.

Our engineering, sales, and customer support teams are directly available by phone, email, or via our support center to meet customers’ needs promptly.

Our Company

A Seamless OLED MFG Process

At Newhaven Display, you can expect a response to customer support requests by phone, email, or on our support center within 24 hours of submission. Our formalized quote process can take 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design requirements.

We can provide quote response times for smaller customization projects in just a few days, and our more extensive and complex custom design requests generally take up to one week for project estimation and a formal quote.

Personalized Support in OLED Manufacturing

Newhaven Display is here from beginning to end to help guide you seamlessly through the process of creating a custom OLED display. We offer many customization options in our OLED displays including interface customization, cables, connectors, and PCB modifications.

At Newhaven Display, we understand that no request is the same. We work to ensure that personalized support is readily available throughout the process. We’re committed to accommodating all customization requests.

OLED Customizations for Every Application

Newhaven Display employs a highly facilitated and personalized OLED customization and production process. After receiving a custom display request, our team will quickly respond with estimated lead times and costs for your project.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams will allocate resources to work with you, provide feedback, and advise you on customization options that best fit your application once a project is confirmed.

Design, Development, Testing and Production of OLEDs

Once the design proposal is complete, Newhaven Display will present you with a formal price quote for the custom OLED display. You will receive a purchase order, and design drawings will be sent back to you for approval. With your final confirmation, our manufacturing team will work with you to create, test, and approve initial prototypes of your display.

After this, a total production order can be accepted for larger volume orders of your custom OLED display solution.

Fill out our custom display requests form to receive a proposal or reach out to one of our engineers if you have any questions in our support center contact page.

OLED Display Distributor and Wholesaler

Newhaven Display partners with distributors worldwide.Newhaven Display partners with distributors worldwide.

Newhaven Display has additional manufacturing facilities in China and works with a global Distribution network to quickly deliver display solutions worldwide.

Newhaven Display accepts custom display orders with low minimum order quantities for custom design solutions. Depending on the display and type of customization, we accept as little as 100 to 500 pieces. No matter what you’re looking to create, Newhaven Display is always ready with efficient, professional, and reliable service to help you through the process.