About Newhaven Display

We are a US-based manufacturer of LCD, TFT, VFD, OLED, and custom displays for all industries.

For more than 20 years, and from our headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, we have been supplying and distributing quality display technology worldwide.


Our History

Over 20 Years Display Experience

We are a US based display manufacturer and specialist with a global presence. Our team of engineering experts works hard to deliver efficient and reliable results with friendly, personalized service. Our goal is to be the most trusted supplier in the display industry by providing top-quality display products, services, and custom design solutions to customers worldwide.

For over 20 years Newhaven Display has been one of the most trusted suppliers in the digital display industry. We’ve earned this reputation by providing top quality products, services, and custom design solutions to customers worldwide. With numerous expansions in both our workplace and capabilities over the years, we’ve managed to grow our business and our expertise while maintaining a personal touch. When you work with Newhaven Display you can count on efficient, professional, and reliable service every time.

Say Hello to Our People, Culture, and Interests

Newhaven Display - U.S. headquarter facility provides design, manufacturing, and product assembly, for global exposure and reach.

Headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, USA Since 2001.

What We Value Most

High quality products, excellent service, and lasting relationships with our customers.

global supplier of display technology

USA Manufacturer, Global Supplier

U.S. headquarter facility provides design, manufacturing, and product assembly, for global exposure and reach.

Industry Experts

Knowledgeable engineering team with extensive design and development experience, ready to answer questions and solve problems.

Warehouse and Shipping

All products are stored in our U.S. & Hong Kong warehouses for fast and accurate, 98% on-time delivery.

global supplier of display technology

More For Your Money

Full in-house sales, support, and engineering teams, to help enhance products with value-add services and custom solutions.

Quality Control

Careful attention to detail and highest standards for quality on all display designs, performed by our professional in-house team.

Certified display company icon

Highly Certified

Proudly upholding ISO, RoHS, REACH, and Conflict-Free certifications. Our facilities are TS-16949, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified.

Our Expertise

See What Sets Us Apart

We are more than a display manufacturer. We are a partner a resource and an inspiration. We are a contemporary place for display design and development.

Quality inspection

Dedicated to Quality

Ensuring that every product we develop meets or exceeds our quality standards and customers’ requirements is an integral part of our process.

Top quality products and services are the backbone of Newhaven Display and our Quality Team makes sure we maintain the highest standards.

Engineer using 3D printer

Achieving Your Goals Together

Our engineers are the brains behind implementing our display products and innovations.

They’re always working with customers to identify opportunities and solutions while studying the display technology landscape to stay ahead of the curve with new designs.

personalized customer service

Attentive, Personalized Service

We are a US-based manufacturer of world-class display solutions with a global presence. Our sales team work closely with all of our customers to understand their ultimate goals.

We carefully consider their vision when providing the best solution.

Committed to Your Success

Designing with Passion. Engineering with Precision.

We’re problem solvers and strategic thinkers working to provide the ideal displays for applications across all industries.

Our employees are equipped with the best experience and technology to deliver effective solutions that meet customer’s needs and achieve their design goals. Every day we come to work with the goal of delivering exceptional results with friendly, personalized service.

How do we do it? Our agile workforce – from engineers and developers to supply chain experts – work together to respond quickly to a dynamically changing market, customizing solutions to fit each customer’s unique requirements.

We’re dedicated to working with our customers and collaborating internally to develop the ideal solution for every project. These unique qualities make Newhaven Display more than just another manufacturer or distributor. We’re your all-inclusive display solution provider.

Contact us today and let us design, develop, and manufacture the perfect display for your application.