Our 2.4" TFT is Making a Splash with Foil's Electronic Surfboard

Our 2.4" TFT is Making a Splash with Foil's Electronic Surfboard

Our customer Foil has a new project that's making a big splash using our 2.4" TFT displays. Foil, Inc. engineered an electronic surfboard also known as eFoil, to be the future of personal watercraft technology. Riders can monitor their speed and battery life by simply checking the screen on their handheld Bluetooth controller. The controller also keeps users safe by stopping the board if they happen to fall off.

Foil surfboard with 2.4

About the Project

Foil contacted us to build a display that would integrate seamlessly into the controller and be extremely reliable in demanding outdoor elements. Since the display needed to easily fit in the palm of the rider’s hand, we recommended our 2.4” TFT LCD. This display delivers crisp, high resolution graphics and characters while maintaining a slim profile.

Foil assembly process

Choosing Sunlight Readable

While the controller's outer case protects the display against water, we needed to make sure that the riders could easily read the screen in all lighting conditions. By default, our 2.4" TFTs come with white LED backlights that are visible in most lighting conditions.

We recommended upgrading this particular display with a high brightness, sunlight readable screen to ensure the riders could better see the display under bright or direct sunlight.

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About the Board

The Foil surfboard is handmade from carbon fiber to keep the board lightweight and incredibly durable. Its lithium ion battery is the largest ever fitted to an electronic surfboard of its kind. A single charge can power a ride for over 1.5 hours reaching speeds up to 28mph.

This groundbreaking design has been in the works since 2017 and is available to purchase now. We're honored to be a part of this fun innovative project and can't wait to see where Foil goes in the future!

Visit to learn more and order a board today.

Foil, Inc. electronic surfboard
Foil, Inc. electronic surfboard demonstration
Jun 30th 2021 Newhaven Staff

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