7.0 inch Premium TFT without Touchscreen

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7.0" Diagonal | 800x480 Pixels
Display Type:
Premium (MVA)
  • 7 inch Premium TFT Display front ON cropped
  • 7 inch Premium TFT Display front ON
  • 7 inch Premium TFT Display back
  • Specification drawing for NHD-7.0-800480EF-ASXV#

NHD-7.0-800480EF-ASXV# | 7.0" Premium MVA LCD Display | No Touchscreen

This premium 800x480 resolution TFT display provides high brightness and contrast with optimal viewing up to 70° from any direction because of the Multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) technology in this LCD display. This 24-bit true color display is RoHS compliant with RGB interface, and does not include a touchscreen.

Product Overview

TFT Product Specifications

Display Format: 24-bit True Color; 800x480 Pixels
Display Type: Premium
Display Mode: Transmissive
Optimal View: 70° Full View
Touchscreen: None
Outline L x W x H: 165mm x 104mm x 3.5mm
Viewing Area L x W: 154.84mm x 86.63mm
Active Area L x W: 153.84mm x 85.63mm
Supply Voltage: 3.3V
Luminance: 800 cd/m2
Interface: RGB
Controller Type: EK79716B
Connection Type: 40 pin FFC
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature:  -30°C ~ 80°C
Built-in Mounting: None
Added Feature: 3M Brightness Enhancement Film

TFT Custom Solutions

Cable Customization

Adjust the length, position, and pinout of your cables or add additional connectors. Get a cable solution that’s precisely designed to make your connections streamlined and secure.

Touchscreen Add-on

Enhance your user experience with capacitive or resistive touch screen technology. We’ll adjust the glass thickness or shape of the touch panel so it’s a perfect fit for your design. 

Interface Customization

Choose from a wide selection of interface options or talk to our experts to select the best one for your project. We can incorporate HDMI, USB, SPI, VGA and more into your display to achieve your design goals. 

Cover Glass

Equip your display with a custom cut cover glass to improve durability. Choose from a variety of cover glass thicknesses and get optical bonding to protect against moisture and debris. 

Quality Standards

At Newhaven Display we strive every day to provide our customers with the highest quality products. This means Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing teams are aligned to exceed your expectations.

Our customers should expect their products to meet or exceed the following standards:

All Products

Reliability Testing Customers can expect all production parts to meet or exceed operational requirements over temperature, humidity, and vibration.
Glass Cleanliness Customers can expect glass to be protected by liners and presented mindful of cleanliness standards. This means glass will be clean of contaminants, fingerprints, and other foreign material.
Bezel Appearance Bezels will be uniformly painted free of foreign materials and distracting cosmetic blemishes. Our standards maintain a clean scratch-free surface.
PCB Appearance PCB’s are delivered with long-term reliability in mind. Finishes are free of bubbles, foreign contaminants, and meet all UL fire requirements. PCB materials will always be delivered within industry norms. PCB edges will be cleanly cut and void of burrs.
Soldering Soldering of all leaded and SMT components is consistent in providing the mechanical security and electrical connectivity.
Consistency Our manufacturing and inspection processes ensure product consistency from lot to lot. This means orders processed over the years will continually meet your expectations. We do this by exacting manufacturing specifications, with attention to detail in our processes, and by comparing to the golden units.
Product Integrity Quality in product manufacturing ensures integrity in construction. Customers can expect tight assembly without worry of loose parts or missing material. Our products will meet all environmental expectations including temp, humidity, & vibration conditions.
Glass Color While normal variations of glass color may occur (due to manufacturing tolerances), Newhaven Display maintains color compliance per internal approved color charts. These charts are maintained to ensure any minor glass deviations are identified and corrected as needed.
ESD Protection & Safety All devices are designed and handled in consideration of ESD protection. This includes ESD-SAFE packaging within anti-static bags, wraps, and trays. Customers are reminded to always follow ESD safety to best protect the devices.

Our Distributors

Newhaven Display partners with distributors worldwide to bring you the best products and design services, no matter where you are working from.



  • 5
    Newhaven is what I was expecting

    Posted by Mike on Aug 17th 2023

    Newhaven is what I was expecting, having the products that I need and the staff for help if needed

  • 5

    Posted by Ramoncillo on Feb 10th 2023

    Its ok. recommended

  • 5
    Great luminance and quality

    Posted by KhanT on Jan 5th 2023

    After reading some resources online, I found using RGB for the first time to be a straightforward process. The display's high quality and brightness exceeded my expectations.

  • 5
    Bright, crisp colors

    Posted by Akram R. on Oct 24th 2022

    Colors are crisp, brightness is great and the quality is superior compared to other products we have been using in the past. Their support is probably the best thing. Got replies to my request within hours. They helped us design a custom display for a different project but we used this as a sample for development purposes.

  • 5
    Very nice

    Posted by Scott on Aug 14th 2022

    Well built, and the initialization is simple. It has great brightness. I little more expensive than the average display but if you are looking for quality, then this is your product.

  • 5
    Good brightness and viewing angles

    Posted by Dave on Apr 5th 2022

    This displays delivers crips, high brightness graphics. I used it for a weather station project and everything was fairly simple. The quality is definitely above average - one of the best displays out there.

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