TFT Displays

Our extensive selection of display products includes options for applications in every industry.

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OLED Displays

Bold, Colorful, Slim

Get wide viewing angles, colorful graphics, and the highest contrast ratios with OLED displays.

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LCD Displays

Responsive, Diverse, Bright

Character and graphic LCDs deliver highly visible images with long-lasting performance.

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VFD Displays

Reliable, Efficient, Durable

VFDs maintain high visibility in extreme temperatures with efficient energy use.

TFT Displays

Development Tools

Work Smarter and Faster

Ideal for prototyping, development, and testing on any display product we offer. Our development tools are valuable assets for engineers and developers of any skill level.

Display Solutions

Work with our engineering experts to develop the ideal display for your unique application.

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Cable Customization

Adjust the length, position, and pinout of your cables or add additional connectors. Get a cable solution that’s precisely designed to make your connections streamlined and secure.

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Touch Screen Add-Ons

Enhance your user experience with capacitive or resistive touch screen technology. We’ll adjust the glass thickness or shape of the touch panel so it’s a perfect fit for your design.

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Interface Customization

Choose from a wide selection of interface options or talk to our experts to select the best one for your project. We can incorporate HDMI, USB, SPI, VGA and more into your display to achieve your design goals.

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Connector Adjustments

Easily modify any connectors on your display to meet your application’s requirements. Our engineers are able to perform soldering for pin headers, boxed headers, right angles headers, and any other connectors which your display may require.

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PCB Modifications

Change the shape, size, pinout, and component layout of your PCB to make it a perfect fit for your application.

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Cover Glass

Equip your display with a custom cut cover glass to improve durability. Choose from a variety of cover glass thicknesses and get optical bonding to protect against moisture and debris.


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